Fans would like to create a sampler to celebrate the 30 years anniversary of career of Angelo Branduardi

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This year is the 30 years anniversary of career of Angelo Branduardi. For this reason Michelangelo - coordinator of the mailgroup branduardi-ans - asked the management if the fans could create an anniversary CD sampler with their favourite songs. In the United States e.g. fans are used to do so. The fans propose the songs and CD-cover and the management realises a CD which will be available in the shops.
The answer of the Branduardi-Management was, that they like this idea. They'll try to get the necessary authorizations and are waiting for the proposals of the fans.

You have the possibility to send your "Top Ten" (your 10 favourite songs) and/or a proposal for a CD-cover (which contains the number of 30 and the name of Branduardi) to: Monika Wegener
Closing date for entries: July 6th, 2004.

Attention: You can choose only songs from the two following lists:
Songs in italian:
Songs in other languages:

We'll publish your proposals of covers on the following page

Your "Top Ten" and propositons of covers will be inserted into the evaluation. The most mentioned songs and some selected covers will be proposed to the management.

It is not sure yet if this idea can be realized. We do hope so and shall keep you informed on this page.

Here are the covers and songs which have been chosen

For further suggestions look at Elise's page